Facilities & Services

  • Lobby
    • Ultra-book for use by all guests, free for 1 hour
    • Office services such as fax, printing and photocopying
    • 50' LCD TV
    • Relaxation area and meeting point
    • Coffee & tea
    • Room for special pre-arranged functions e.g. facial treatments
  • Internet service

Free Wi-Fi access for all guests

  • Car parking

Free on-site undercover parking, and there are plenty of spaces available.

  • Laundry service

Our expert staff provide a laundry service at a reasonable cost.

  • Food  service

A choice of frozen foods are available anytime. A microwave for food reheating is available free of charge.

  • Convenience store

We have a small grocery store where you can buy cool beer, cold drinks, snacks and toiletries at reasonable prices.

  • Transfer service
    • a pick-up and drop-off service from and to the bus/train station or airport
    • - 100 BHT per trip.

      - a maximum of four passengers per car

      - additional passengers will require multiple cars or multiple journeys at additional cost

    • Taxi service upon request
    • Motorbikes hire service available
    • - Manual gear motorbike : 160 BHT/Dayor1500 BHT/month

      - Auto gear motorbike :200 BHT/dayor2000 BHT/month

        Note: Petrol is not included.

    • Arrangement of hired car or transfer to islands upon request.
  • Tourist Information service

Please visit our friendly reception desk and let our staff assist you with enquiries for tourist information.

  • Outdoor seatings

Lovely outdoor seating areas have been creatively designed to ensure guests will enjoy the most of the space for relaxing, reading or even as a meeting area.

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