Angels’ message

Mr & Mrs Grainger, the new managing directors of Sit Dharma guesthouse, have studied Buddhism for many years. They have gained benefit and had good experiences by applying the Buddha’s teaching to their daily life. They wish to assist other people in developing their positive mind and to cultivate merit.

By performing a good deed such as being kind, giving, adhering to moral and ethical values with a positive mind and attitude will produce good merit. This will ripen into wealth and prosperity and help to resolve difficulties in life.

The stories here in the angels’ message page are presented to inspire and encourage readers to perform good deeds and take an interest in Dharma teachings.

Stories Author
Who ordered the truckload of Dung? Ajahn Brahm
The man with four wives Ajahn Brahm
Instant Karma Mrs Grainger (Hanny)
Cheating on tax (Gain or Loss) Mrs Grainger (Hanny)
Angels’ teaching Mrs Grainger (Hanny)
Honouring Gratitude Ajahn Anan Akincano
Repaying to parents Mrs Grainger (Hanny)
Making the good heart 1 Ajahn Chah
Making the good heart 2 Ajahn Chah
Opening the door of your heart Ajahn Brahm
Easy meditation Ajahn Chah

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